Everything You Should Know About The Herbal Medicines

Normally when we think about the medicines, we came up with the different colored tablets, capsules, and syrups with strong unbearable odors that taste nothing else but bitter. There are different types of ways to treat a simple cough yet most people choose cough syrups as they consider them effective and fast at healing the problem. However, the truth is such syrups contain string drugs, which make you feel sleepy all the time and you feel dizzy whole day. To the savior, the ancient branch of Ayurveda is all you should consider before going for the modern means as they are safe, reliable, and best part about them is they do not have any side effects like the modern ones.

You must have read about the benefits of Herbal Teas, Extracts, etc. for the common problems like Cough, Cold, Light Fever, Diarrhea, and many more. Healing from inside is what the herbal medicines provide besides curing the problem from the roots and boosting your immune system. However, medical science doesn’t support the miraculous benefits of the branch for any treatment. Still it has a positive impact over the whole world.

Rather Than Using The Modern Medicines One Should Go For The Herbal Formulas Before As They Have Exciting Benefits Like –

Sustainable Medicine – Your garden is your grocer whenever you feel sick or dizzy. There are many things present around us and even in the kitchen, which help to cure the various problems without leaving any side effects. Buying herbal medicines for such small cures is an elite solution and a best alternative to the modern medicines containing drugs.
Contains A Large Number Of Herbal Compounds – The organic components contains fewest side effects and numerous benefits to heal the common problems and improve overall health with the enhanced effects. The method of ancient healing is not scientifically proven yet the herbal medicines works wonder and better than the modern means in certain cases. The plants are considered best for consisting the number of medicinal benefits and are used as a whole in different applications.
Best Replacement Of Supplements – The medicines are not only capable of healing the common problems but also improve the overall health to avoid any nutritional deficiency without leaving any kind of side effects. In the hectic schedule of metropolitan cities, the doctors prescribe additional supplements to fight with any nutritional deficiency. Such prescriptions are not safe for everyone and hence Ayurvedic medicines are the best options for such people.

How to Choose Acne Medicines?

For those who are suffering from serious acne breakouts, medicines are available to reduce the acne causes. However, consult a doctor or dermatologist before using any types of medication on the skin. The best acne products in the market are those containing benzoyl peroxide formulas which are 2% – 12% concentrated, with 10% solutions showing the best improvement.

Many over-the-counter acne medicines contain 5% benzoyl peroxide, and are commonly used by those suffering from acne. They do not work for all. There are, however, side effects to using topical bactericides that contain benzoyl peroxide – the chemical works like bleach, and can damage the clothes when in contact.

Another popular acne medicine, topical antibiotics, kills bacteria that cause the unsightly blemishes. A doctor may prescribe oral acne medicines – hormone treatments and antibiotics, based on the diagnosed cause in cases of severe acne breakouts.

Acne Medicines Alternatives

Some acne sufferers are not inclined to use synthetic drugs to treat the acne problem. Therefore, natural products that contain less abrasive treatments are developed as medicines. Aloe vera and tea tree oil are well-known in treating light acne breakouts, and are commonly used by naturalists as acne medicines. However, preventing acne formation is the best way to keep the skin clean and free from dead skin cells build up. This is easier than using prescription drugs to prevent breakouts.

For those with severe and persistent acne, drastic measures, such as laser treatments may be required. Lasers burn the sebaceous glands away to reduce sebum production that clogs the pores. It burns the hair follicles away, but it also removes the hair from affected areas.

Blue or red light treatment and heat is used to replace acne medicines as the heat and light rays kill bacteria that cause acne. Acne sufferers should consult a doctor or dermatologist to determine which treatment is best for clear skin – prescription acne medicines or an alternative treatment method?

The Top 5 Natural Medicines for Anxiety

Anxiety, although a common human emotion can be distressing if it happens frequently. There are many drugs meant to treat anxiety disorders. However, most of these can become addictive leaving the patient reliant on them. In some cases, such drugs can have serious side effects. If you have tried drugs and found them ineffective, perhaps it’s time you tried out a natural medicine for anxiety.

Definition of a natural medicine for anxiety. These comprise herbs and extracts which are used to treat anxiety disorder. These medicines contain active ingredients which trigger specific bodily functions which, in turn alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety.

Here are the top 5 natural medicines for anxiety.

1. Chamomile contains hydroxylates which are believed to reduce tension in muscles, a symptom associated with anxiety. In addition some of the active ingredients found in this herb are believed to bind with brain receptors reducing the amount of cortisol released. This in turn reduces the stress levels associated with anxiety. This herb can be taken as a tea or, combined with other herbs for aromatherapy.

2. Hops have been known to have a sedative effect. This can be seen in beer. However, studies conducted have found that hops can be used as a natural medicine for anxiety. Further studies conducted also indicate that hops combined with other herbs such as valerian can be used in the treatment of insomnia, one of the common symptoms associated with anxiety.

3. Theanine is an amino acid found mainly in tea. Studies have found that it binds to brain receptors reducing stress which is commonly associated with anxiety. In some studies, this amino acid was found to increase memory and alertness in the subjects. To reduce anxiety, simply take green or black tea.

4. Kava is a herb that has been used for centuries in the Pacific islands. It has been commonly used as a relaxant. Studies on this herb have shown that it is effective in the alleviation of anxiety disorder symptoms such as muscle tension.

5. Valeria is a herb that is native to Asia, Europe and America. Like kava, it has been used for centuries as relaxant. Studies conducted have proven that valerian extract can help reduce insomnia, which is a common symptom associated with anxiety.

Natural medicines for anxiety are a great way to treat and reduce anxiety disorders. It is however advisable to consult a physician before you try out a natural medicine for anxiety. The reason for this is that there are recommended doses for each natural remedy. In addition, some side effects such as allergic reaction or interactions with other drugs might occur.

Top 3 Dangerous Medicines for Children

Aside from the odd case of Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS), no parent intentionally gives their child medicine that does more harm than good. Unfortunately, even the best of intentions can go awry and medicines which we assume to be safe turn out to be among the most dangerous of all. Parents of small children know to be vigilant about what they give their babies to ease illness, but sometimes we all need a reminder.

• Codeine is a pain reliever found in a lot of over the counter (OTC) and prescription medicines. It’s also used to treat coughs, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and, occasionally, narcolepsy. It’s habit forming and is often used by teenagers as a recreational drug. It’s inadvisable to give any medicine with codeine in it to children under the age of two and to use extreme caution when administering it to children under the age of six. In certain instances, doctors may recommend codeine for young children, in which case you should pay strict attention to the dosages and instructions. Side-effects to watch out for include excessive sleeping, listlessness, trouble breathing and unresponsiveness.

• Aspirin, which is commonly used to treat pain and fever, can cause stomach complaints, such as ulcers, in adults, so imagine what it can do to young children. More worrying, perhaps, is aspirin’s link to Reye’s syndrome, a neurological disorder which often proves fatal in children younger than sixteen. Aspirin is a salicylate, and salicylates can be found in a number of OTC drugs, topical products and natural herbal preparations. The salicylates you really want to watch out for are acetylsalicylate, salicylic acid, white willow bark and acetylsalicylic acid.

• Cold and cough medicines, which one would think would be the most innocuous, are particularly dangerous. Doctors, and even pharmaceutical companies, recommend that you never give children younger than two any OTC cough and cold medicine unless prescribed by a physician. Some medical experts extend the age limit to six or even eleven-year olds. As with codeine, instructions need to be followed very carefully to avoid drug-drug interactions (when different medicines react to each other) and drug overlap (when different medicines contain some of the same ingredients). Side-effects to look out for include sedation in children with breathing difficulties, accidental overdose (drug overlap), excessive drowsiness and unsteadiness.

Other tips when treating childhood illnesses are fairly obvious but bear repeating:

• Avoid adult medication. Adult medicines are made to different concentrations and may contain different ingredients than medicines for children, even if they’re essentially the same brand. Giving children half or quarter doses will not necessarily mitigate the stronger effects of these medicines and even when you’re desperate rather pop in to an all night pharmacy or clinic, or even the emergency room to get proper treatment.

• Even medicine is a “little” bit expired, don’t give it to your kids. You might take chances with yoghurt and cut off the green bits on cheese but one thing you don’t want to do is extend the life of your child’s medication when you clearly shouldn’t. The risk just isn’t worth it.

• Moms need to be aware of the medication they take while breastfeeding. Most medicine will wind up in the breast milk and will be transferred to the baby. If chronic medication is required, as might be the case in depression, heart disease or cancer, moms need to ensure that their doctors have prescribed something appropriate.

Medicine – Keeping Medicine Out of Reach of Children

When checking to make sure that medicine is out of reach of children, it’s crucial to take a journey of your home with a fine-tooth comb… on your hands and knees. Crawling around your home will enable you to view things from your child’s perspective. Following is a safety inspection for medicine contained in your home.

Make sure medicine is stored in an upper cabinet, like one over the refrigerator, or one that is locked at all times.
Refrain from disposing of medicine in the garbage. Check with your local pharmacist for a local collection program.
Ensure that vitamins, pain relievers and other medicines are not left out on counters.
Secure your refrigerator with a child safety lock if medicines are stored in there.
Check to see if pills have accidentally fallen on the floor, or under a bed where a child could get to it.
Make sure family members or guests don’t leave vitamins or medicine on nightstands which are easily accessible to children.
Make sure medicine stored in a closet is locked at all times.
Move diaper bags and guest bags to a higher ground where a child could not get into them in the event they contain medicine.
Make sure medicine bottles have child-resistant caps.
Use medicines contained in blister packs, when possible, as these are hard for children to open.
Keep liquid medicines in small volumes in child-proof containers.
Clean out the medicine cabinet periodically and throw away outdated medicines.
Dispose of old medicines by pouring them down the drain or toilet only if it is environmentally-safe to do so.
Rinse medicine containers prior to disposing of them.
Refer to medications by their proper names and explain that they must be taken in prescribed dosages.
Avoid taking medication in front of children so they don’t attempt to repeat what they’ve seen.
Avoid drinking medicine from a bottle to prevent taking an incorrect dosage.

Medicines should be kept out of reach of children and stored in a locked area if possible.

Acne Medicine Ingredients

Acne is an inflammatory ailment of the skin; which is caused by modifications in the sebaceous glands of the. Acne lesions are generally referred to as pimples or zits. More often than not it is those with oily skin that suffer from acne. Modern and natural science has offered a lot of solutions and medications to ease or heal acne. These medicines are of different types. Some are applicant medicines like ointments, gels or creams that can be applied directly on the acne affected area. These medicines contain ingredients that suppress the outward physical symptoms of acne and heal the area, mostly temporarily. Some other medicines are to be orally administered. They directly have an influence on the sebaceous gland, the alterations in which are the root cause of the acne in the first place. These kinds of medicines have more of a healing effect on the acne.

There are many allopathic medicines that have chemical ingredients that can work on acne. These chemical ingredients are an integral part of orally taken medication or even applicant medications. However, because of these chemicals a lot of other reactions can be caused in a person’s body and hence, many people prefer herbal and natural medicines to chemical ones. Herbal acne medicines contain natural and homemade ingredients that do not cause any reactions or problems to the consumer.

Aloe Vera is a common ingredient in herbal and natural acne medicines as it contains number of nutrients and beneficial compounds including minerals, amino acids and vitamins which effectively heal inflammation of the skin. Vitamin E is also a major ingredient of these alternative medicines as it is considered as an anti-oxidant.

Thus, we see that the ingredients of the acne medicine play a very important role in the effectiveness and healing properties of the medicine itself.

Sharpen Your Memory With Herbal Medicines

You can train your brain to store more information and to retrieve them more quickly. With continuous practice you can improve your memory. You diet also plays a major role in improving the capacity of your brain. A lot of minerals and vitamins are specifically proved to improve your capacity to hold and retrieve information. Vitamin B 1, B3, B6 and B12 are proved to be the best in improving your memory.

Green leafy vegetables and omega 3 fatty acids will also enhance your memory. Sleeping for about seven hours is essential for your brain to relax. According to the nature of work you perform the amount of sleep required will also vary. Memory consolidation is an important function in human body, for that you require adequate amount of rest. To refresh and to enhance the capacity of brain you should take supplements that are the best for it. Antioxidant containing food products and medicines are proved to be the best for it.

Herbal medicines can be chosen for your personal use only after ensuring the quality of it. Superior quality medicines containing natural products can be a best choice. Herbal medicines are very safe to use. They will not provide any allergies or give you side effects. The exotic composition of the medicines in the products will help your brain to improve its capacity. These herbal medicines have the capacity to improve the oxygen flow to the brain thereby helping in the memory consolidation process. Your concentration will also improve and your energy levels will be boosted.